New Trend in Shreveport: People Won’t Stop Stealing Silverware from Work?

 I guess taking pens and Post-Its from work just doesn’t give us the same rush it used to in the Shreveport area. There’s a new trend of people taking silverware from the office?  

It didn’t used to be an issue, but office managers in Louisiana and Texas, and really all over are constantly having to buy more forks, knives, and spoons now to replace the ones that go missing.

It’s become more common ever since people returned to the office and stopped working from home so much. 

(Featured Image: CanvaPro)

In a recent poll, 60% of workers said their companies have made efforts to “go green” in the past few years.  So a lot of offices aren’t stocking PLASTIC utensils anymore.  And restaurants aren’t handing them out by default as much either.

That means all the real silverware gets used, and doesn’t always get returned.  Sometimes we walk off with it by mistake, or just don’t put it back right away.  But the scarcity is also causing us to COVET the silverware at work

In other words, we’re more likely to hide utensils in our desk to make sure we have something to eat with tomorrow.  So be honest — are you taking forks from the office?

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