What Do We Call The Two Ends On A Loaf Of Bread in Shreveport?

It’s always fun when people can’t agree on something you thought EVERYONE agreed on . . . like.. what do you call the ends on a loaf of bread!

Folks on Reddit have been arguing about what to call the two ends on a loaf of bread. So, I figured I’d ask the ArkLaTex what they call the end pieces and it turns out, we disagree just as much in the Shreveport area, and there are more ways to describe what that piece of bread is than you think (which, by the way we always called the heel in my house growing up!)

Here are the two most common answers:  Some people say it’s obviously the “HEEL” . . . and other people have always just called it the “END PIECE.”

Those aren’t the only names for it though . . .

A few more that people mentioned include “the end bread” . . . “the end slice” . . . “the butt” . . . and “the crust” or “crust end”. 

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