5 Gift Cards Your Friends and Family In The ArkLaTex Will Love

Starting holiday shopping early and don’t know what to get the special person on your Christmas list in the Shreveport-Bossier area? Here are 5 gift cards that every Shreveport resident could and would use — and love to get!

  • Brookshires or Super 1 Foods
    • GROCERIES — HELLO! The cost of food and groceries has been one of the things talked about the most with inflation. Help your friends and family out with a gift certificate to this regional grocery — actually any grocery store would be nice!
  • WALMART Or Target
    • I mean look they carry everything — and kinda like Brookshires on the list.. even have groceries
  • Buff City Soap
    • Because who doesn’t love hand made / all natural soaps and laundry soaps. Their products smell amazing and are actually good for your skin!
  • Superior’s Steakhouse
    • Let your friends or family treat themselves with a delicious meal Superior’s! The shrimp cocktail… the drinks.. the steaks… they won’t forget who gave them that special night out (even though you won’t be there!!)
  • KRUSH Boutique
    • Not only is KRUSH known for their great lineup of fashions to keep ladies in the Shreveport area fashionable, but, they now have KRUSH MEN – to help the guys out too!

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