The Top 10 Items People Are Embarrassed to Purchase

Have you ever been so embarrassed to buy something that you added other random stuff just to distract the cashier?  You’re not alone.

In a new survey, 75% of people admitted to trying to hide embarrassing items among a larger purchase . . . and 89% would rather buy those things online, even if it was more expensive.

The survey asked what items people were shy about buying . . . and it was mostly stuff that felt too personal, or might make them seem unclean or unhealthy.

Condoms were #1, followed by emergency contraceptives . . . bed bug spray . . . head lice treatment . . . hemorrhoid cream . . . diarrhea relief . . . pregnancy tests . . . adult diapers for incontinence . . . period products . . . and cold sore treatment.

And it isn’t just the cashier that we’re worried about.  It’s also OTHER SHOPPERS.

72% of people worry that other shoppers will judge their purchases . . . and that’s warranted, because 67% of us admit that we ARE judgmental of other shoppers from time to time.  (Here’s a tip:  Small talk is fine at a store . . . but no one EVER wants to discuss the stuff they’re buying.)

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