America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

I think Thanksgiving has quietly become one of my favorite holidays.  Christmas ranks tops, because of A: Why we celebrate.  But also because of the many wonderful memories of Christmas’s past.  But Thanksgiving has a lot of the same wonderful qualities of Christmas, mainly, getting together with family and dear friends.  Not to mention the excuse to absolutely enjoy delicious food!  As the temperatures drop, leaves begin to turn, and the smell of fireplaces permeate the neighborhood, our thoughts turn to Thanksgiving, and the prospects of some amazing meals!  And to that end… what are your favorite dishes?  Here’s a list of AMERICANS’ FAVORITE THANKSGIVING SIDE DISHES

1. Mashed potatoes – 71%

2. Stuffing – 66%

3. Gravy – 59%

4. Cranberry sauce – 53%

5. Sweet potato casserole – 48%

6. Biscuits – 48%

7. Green bean casserole – 47%

8. Macaroni and cheese – 42%

9. Roasted carrots – 32%

10. Brussels sprouts with bacon – 31%

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