What Is A StormQuake, And Will It Make Me Dead?

It sound like the first draft of Sharknado, but it isn’t.  That would be a movie called “Guppy-cane,” but we don’t have time to tell you about that right now, because we have to find out about stormquakes, and will they kill us before the Impossible Burger does (One doctor says the Impossible Burger is bad for you.  I’ve had three just typing that sentence, and I’m still standing).

A stormquake is a mash-up of two feared disasters: hurricanes and earthquakes.  The shaking of the sea floor during hurricanes and nor-easters can rumble like a magnitude 3.5 earthquake and can last for days, according to a new study.  The quakes are fairly common, but they weren’t noticed before because they were considered seismic background noise.  The good news is it can’t hurt humans, because we don’t live on the sea floor.  Yet.  However, these things must be extremely scary for marine life.  And they don’t have closets in which to take cover.

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