Shreveport Water Refund. We Ballin’.

A judge has decided that a class action lawsuit against Shreveport Water and Sewage should result in a return of overcharges to about 60,000 water customers in the city.  How much money will that be?  Not sure.  Do we, as the city, even have it?  Doubt it.  But it’s nice to know we weren’t crazy for thinking that giants weren’t breaking into our houses and taking really long showers.  I always knew it was weird that they never touched the body wash.  There were months where I wondered if the Olympic committee wasn’t coming over and using my water hose for their pools.  I mean, none of us are actually drinking Shreveport water, so that can’t be it.  So we weren’t crazy.  We were overcharged for years.  Maybe many, many years.  And something tells me the billboard lawyers in town are assembling somewhere like the Superfriends.

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