Carrie Underwood’s Mom Had To Convince Her To Audition For Idol!

There are two very big reasons to thank Carrie Underwood’s mom.  One being that, well, she gave birth to Carrie.  And the other is that she wouldn’t let Carrie talk herself out of doing “American Idol”.

It came up in a recent interview.  She said, “I always wanted to be a country music singer, and I had seen ‘Idol’.  But I’m not that kind of person, to be honest.  I don’t just go do stuff like that.  That was dreaming too big.

“The stars just lined up in the right way.  My mom was a big supporter when I was trying to talk myself out of it.  [I] was like, ‘It’s stupid.  There’s no way.  What are the chances?’  [And] my mom would say, ‘I will drive you.  Let’s go.  Why not?’”


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