Melinda Coyer


I guess you could say that I have “The Gift of Gab”…
When I was 10 years old, my daddy gave me a tape recorder for my birthday and from that day on….I interviewed every person in my family at least 100 times each asking them all kinds of fun questions. I loved playing back those funny tapes so much that I decided to BE ON THE RADIO
…. And now for past 37 years of mornings ,  I  get to “wake up” the Ark-La-Tex with LOTS  of laughter, great music and entertaining  stories. ​
So Where Do I Get My  Radio Stories
MY  LIFE with My  amazing husband, Bill, and our 3 Kids (Ian, Grace & Will) ,plus, growing up in an 1832 Plantation House(that was haunted ) in Haughton also helped form my funny personality. I love to share ghost stories to whoever will listen. As a Mama, I get emotional when we talk about our St Jude Kids…they are my heart! I rally around the “Little guy” & don’t like ANY TYPE OF DRAMA.
I love to dance to 1970’s groovy hits , read romance novels  & almost every Sunday afternoon, you will find me at the movies .  I love to hang around people who laugh, smile , love & LIVE LIFE LARGE! 🙂


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