Shreveport Now Has a Facebook Page Devoted to Catching Cheating Men

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Shreveport now has a Facebook page for women to confirm whether or not they are dating the same guy.

I hate to be the one to say this, but there is absolutely no chance that this ends well, for anyone. This page has the potential to flip Shreveport-Bossier on its head. I’m telling you; I see the writing on the wall. I’m talking an apocalyptic-type event where Shreveport girls are fighting over the keyboard with each other, and of course, fighting in person with the guys who have been called out. This page has the potential to destroy our beautiful city and I am absolutely here for it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to be totally removed from the dating scene. Go ahead and insert the “Michael Jackson eating popcorn” meme here.

Somehow, the page is not private at all. Meaning you, yes you, can go to the page right now and enjoy the juicy Facebook drama. Reading the posts, myself, I believe the ladies of Shreveport-Bossier have already taken things to the next level, now roasting guys who are in multiple girls DMs. Spoiler alert, that would be every single guy that’s ever reached out to you.

The page is titled, “Are We Dating the Same Guy? North Louisiana”, and despite not being up and running for long, the page is already nearing 1,000 members. 1,000 member who will soon find out if they are being cheated on or not. Oh, this is going to get good, and get good very quickly.

Hopefully Facebook allows the page to stay so we can see how this all ends, but something tells me after thousands of lives are ruined, this page won’t make it to the summer. Hey, at least Valentine’s Day will be cheaper for a very unlucky few, at least until the libel and defamation lawsuits start flowing.

You can find the page HERE.

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