We Need More Hours in the Day In the Shreveport Area and All Over The ArkLaTex

You know the old saying – there’s not enough hours in the day… and well, turns out it’s true. So, how many more hours in the day do we need? And what would you do if you had more hours in the day?

In a new survey, 60% of people in Shreveport, and all over the country, say there aren’t enough hours in the day . . . and the average person needs FOUR MORE HOURS every day to get everything done.

When asked what you’d do with the extra time, 34% said they’d do household chores.  Which is both a lame AND practical way of responding.

28% said they’d tackle larger projects that they usually don’t have time to start.  20% said they’d spend more time doing hobbies and things they enjoy . . . and another 20% would use the time for extra sleep.

Others say they’d go back to school . . . or adopt a pet. 

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