This Is Garth Brooks’ Last Stadium Tour, and He’d Like to Make Ticket Scalping Illegal

Garth Brooks dropped some big news during an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  When asked if he’d be interested in playing a local arena, he said, quote, “Oh yeah.  This will be our last stadium tour.”

That’s huge because Garth LOVES performing.  But as usual, it’s not about him.  He says those tours are too hard on his crew.  Quote, “These guys haven’t been home in months, so they need to have the same life they’ve given me.”

This does NOT mean he’s retiring from the road.  It’s just going to be less structured.  Quote, “We’ll never do an organized tour again.  We might just pick spots and do some stuff but not have it clustered as a tour.”

In the same interview they asked for his take on dynamic ticket pricing.  He had a fewthoughts.  Quote, “Here’s the bottom line for me.  I have screamed and screamed as long as you’ve known me . . . just knock out scalping.  That’s it.

“Just make it illegal.  That way, the price of the ticket is the price of the ticket.  The same money is going to be exchanged when scalping tickets, it’s just now who gets the money, that’s the difference.”

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