The Food Trends of 2022 Will Include: Instagramable Meals and ’90s Snacks

Kroger just put out a list of FOOD TREND predictions for 2022, and they’re expecting ’90’s foods to trend even harder this year.

They say things like Pizza Bagels, corn dogs, and fluffernutter sandwiches could see a resurgence.  The rest of their top ten include:  Instagramable meals . . . umami flavors . . . “everything” bagel seasoning . . . tequila, and tequila mixers . . .

Plant-based foods . . . natural beauty products . . . charcuterie . . . locally-sourced foods . . . and things for specific diets that are “good enough to share.”  Meaning, they might be vegan or gluten-free, but your gluten-loving friends will still like them.

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