How to get a BAD Rating with UBER

An Uber driver in St. Petersburg, Florida picked up a 55-year-old woman named Michele Stilwell on Saturday, and she ATTACKED him.

It’s not clear what led up to it, but she reached up from the backseat and started CHOKING him while he was driving.

Somehow, he managed to pull over without crashing the car. And at that point, she climbed forward onto the center console . . . and sunk her teeth into his NECK.

He tried to call 911 at one point, but she knocked the phone out of his hand and continued attacking him. Eventually, random people on the street heard him yelling for help and broke it up.

She also scratched him up pretty good, hard enough to draw blood. And he ended up with a big mark across his chest.

According to the arrest report, she may have been drinking before it happened. She’s facing two felony charges, including one for aggravated battery.


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