10% of Women Without Kids Have Bought Themselves a Mother’s Day Gift

We’re thinking the “cat mom” demographic might have something to do with this . . .



Mother’s Day is May 9th.  And a new survey found 1 in 10 women who DON’T have kids have bought THEMSELVES a Mother’s Day gift before.  Here are five more stats from the survey . . .



1.  Overall, 54% of women have bought themselves a Mother’s Day gift.  That includes around 40% of moms and 10% of non-moms.



2.  68% of women have bought themselves a gift for some sort of holiday or special occasion.  The top ones are birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.



3.  47% have bought a gift for someone else to give BACK to them.



4.  59% of women think they’re the most thoughtful gift-giver in their family.



5.  The top five gifts women give themselves are:  Cosmetics . . . clothes . . . skincare products . . . food . . . and jewelry.



The survey also found the average woman has been disappointed with 42% of the gifts she’s gotten in her life.

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