Louisiana Garbagemen Save 10 yr old girl who was kidnapped!

A 10-year-old Louisiana girl who was abducted over the weekend was found safe after two sanitation workers spotted the suspected kidnapper’s vehicle.

The girl had gone missing on Sunday afternoon from a family member’s home in New Iberia, about 20 miles southeast of Lafayette.

New Iberia police issued an Amber Alert for her and an arrest warrant for her alleged abductor, who police identified as Michael Sereal. Authorities said Sereal was last seen driving a silver Nissan Altima.

Dion Merrick and Brandon Antoine, who work for Pelican Waste & Debris, said they had just started their route on Monday morning when they noticed a silver Nissan parked in the middle of a field in St. Martin Parish.

Louisiana sanitation workers Dion Merrick and Brandon Antoine.
Louisiana sanitation workers Dion Merrick and Brandon Antoine.Pelican Waste and Debris

Merrick said he immediately recognized the car from the Amber Alert.

“I told the guy who rides with me, that’s the car. I pulled forward and backed up to block the entrance [to the field] and then called 911,” he said in a phone interview on Wednesday.



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