Criminal Genius – This Could have worked… Maybe

As far as improvised getaway plans go, this one isn’t the worst we’ve ever heard.  It’s definitely not the BEST . . . but yeah, not the worst.

On Saturday morning, the cops in Pomona, California tracked down a 32-year-old guy named Leobardo Hernandez in a stolen car.

He took off running, and eventually he busted into an apartment complex . . . and ran into a stranger’s apartment.  The apartment was unlocked, and no one was inside.

So Leobardo tried to pretend like he LIVED THERE and he’d been there all along.

He shaved . . . changed his clothes . . . and even started cooking.

The cops tracked him down, and he BURNT the tortillas he was cooking . . . so the fire department also had to come to the scene.

He eventually surrendered and was arrested on several charges.


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