Find Your Food Baby!

1963....That was the year I was born….and that year, Froot Loops were born so that’s “MY FOOD BABY” so to speak.


                              Find Your Birth Year & Your Food Baby!

1953-Swanson’s TV Dinner, 1954– Trix, 1955-Special K, 1956-Cocoa Puffs, 1957-Whopper

1958-Jif Peanut Butter, 1960-Starburst, 1961-Coffee Mate, 1962-Goldfish, 1963-Froot Loops,

1964-Lucky Charms, 1965-Spagetti O’s, 1966-Doritos, 1967-Big Mac,1968-Hunt’s Snack Pak

1969-Funyuns. 1970-Orville Redenbacher’s Popping Corn, 1971-Quarter Pounder,

1972-Egg McMuffin, 1973-Nature Valley Granola, 1974-Skittles, 1975-Pop Rocks,

1976-Pringles, 1977-Monster Munch, 1978-Ben & Jerry’s, 1979-Honey Nut Cheerios,

1980-Tostitos, 1981-Lean Cuisine. 1982-Diet Coke, 1983-Fruit Roll-Ups, 1984-Hobnobs,

1985-Bagel Bites, 1986-Push Pop Candy, 1987-Snapple Lemon Iced tea,

1988-Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, 1989-Lunchables, 1990-Kid Cuisine,1991-McLean Deluxe,

1992-Dunkaroos,1993-Pepsi Max, 1994-Reese’s NutRageous, 1995-Rice Krispies Treats.

1996-Baked Lay’s, 1997-Big N’Tasty, 1998– Go-GURT, 1999-Carmel Frappuccino

2000-Pepsi Twist

Have FUN!





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