Louisiana has a brand new sports SUPERSTAR!

Louisiana has a brand new sports superstar!

Phenom Zion Williamson made his NBA debut last night for the New Orleans Pelicans! Zion scored 17 points in a row and totaled 22 points! The Pelicans have gotten off to a slow start this season with a record of 17 and 28 , but with Zion on the court that should all change. The Pelicans signed Zion to the max contract for a rookie which is $42.2 million dollars for 4 years. Zion also signed a $75 million dollar contract with air Jordan for 7 years! So even though Zion Williamson has only played one NBA game he is looking to make $22,000,000 this season!

Zion Williamson Makes NBA Debut!

👀 the first assist and points of Zion Williamson's NBA career❗

Posted by NBA on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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