Georgia and Louisiana Governors Make Wager On LSU Game

The Governors of Louisiana and Georgia have bet on tomorrow’s game…and the winner gets to drink a fresh-squeezed glass of Nick Saban’s tears!  Kidding.  We already drank those up.

The governors of Louisiana and Georgia announced they have made a bet over the game between LSU(2) and Georgia(4).  At 3:00 PM on CBS the Tigers take on the Bulldogs, and the Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has offered “some of the greatest seafood in the world.”  Because we all know that if we tried to mail a gator, it would bite the postman.  So that’s good looking out.  The Governor of Georgia, in return, has offered a “Georgia gift basket.”  This is very random, and we should be suspicious.  What will it contain?  Tyler Perry’s old Madea brassier?  Jimmy Carter’s hammer?  Video of a four-hour Atlanta traffic jam?  Actual jam (Those usually come in gift baskets)?  We will find out tomorrow (Saturday).  Go Tigers!

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