Well-Known Shreveport Murder Show Cancelled

First of all, Epstein didn’t kill himself.  So I’m on your side.  But I have something harsh to tell you:

I wouldn’t want to make ID network fans mad, because they do watch sociopaths do their sociopathic stuff on the daily, but fans of “Murder Chose Me” were dealt a hug blow yesterday.  The network has cancelled the show, which was the story of Rod Demery (played by John Nicholson) and his life as he investigated homicide cases in Shreveport as a Shreveport police detective.  Nicholson went on social media to talk to fans after the disappointing announcement, and his career still looks like it is moving in a positive direction.  Still.  It was nice to have a Shreveport t.v. show on the air, even though it was a show about murders.  This is also a reminder that violent crime in Shreveport has been down for the last few years.  Just in case you only get your news from the ID network.  Just please don’t hurt me.  If I disappear though, start with the Shreveport ID network watchers.  And check all the freezers in Shreveport.  Don’t bother with the woods.  ID viewers know how to play 3-dimensional murder.


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