Shreveport Water H2Owes Us 400 Dollars

66,000 water and sewer customers in Shreveport might not know about the recent ruling, but we could be seeing 400 dollars returned to us in over billing, which has been happening to us for a decade.  Customers will be notified in the mail shortly about the verdict.  We are still waiting for official word from the city itself.

Now you might be asking why we were overcharged.  Several factors are being blamed including billing software.  The software seems to have rounded all numbers up, inflating the true cost.  By the way, that is a practice that is still going on.  So that kinda needs to stop because Shreveport will just have to keep giving us our money back every ten years.  This is where I would put a shrug emoji if I had it on my keyboard.  The sum that was overcharged is 25 million dollars over that period of TEN YEARS.  At 66,000 customers, that sum divides out to about 400 dollars a customer.  I would prefer to get my money in a flood and not in a drip-drip-drip.  Please and thank you.

An injunction is going to be filed to stop the practice of overcharging customers with the software that steals our money.  Which is super-awesome.  The previous Mayor and the current Mayor have not sat down with those who have brought this class action lawsuit against the city.  He really needs to.  People should pay for what they get and not pay for things they didn’t.  Mayor Perkins inherited this problem, but he is also the one who gets to fix it, for better or for worse.  For years they made us feel we were out of our mind.  Turns out it has been ten years.  That’s a long time to burn the gaslight.  (Speaking of which, anybody check if that software is used to measure our gas, too?)






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