New Child Support Program In Lousiana Working For The Kids

The Department of Children and Family Services collected $360,556.45 in past-due support as part of the On the Road Again Project. The money was collected from 291 payers for 365 families including 480 children.

In its first month alone, the program collected $121,693.95 in overdue child support, an announcement sent out Monday, Sept. 9 stated. The program collected funds owed for 174 children and provided 140 child support payers the opportunity to get their drivers licenses reinstated in August.

From Aug. 1 through Sept. 30, parents who fell behind on their child support payments and also had their driver’s license suspended could opt into the On the Road Again project.

Typically, those parents must meet a long list of requirements to have their license reinstated, including being up-to-date with current child support payments, having paid all past-due support or be making periodic payments in accordance with either a court order or a written agreement with the DCFS analyst, and having provided health insurance.

The On The Road Again Project reduced those requirements extensively to only include paying two months of court-ordered child support, $100 toward past-due support, and administrative fees if court-ordered.

To visit a Child Support Enforcement office, find locations by visiting


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