Farmers “Get It On” The Most

According to a new survey in The Daily Mirror, FARMERS say they have more sex than people with any other job.  One in three say they have sex DAILY.  The top six jobs that report having the most sex are:  Farmers . . . architects . . . hairdressers . . . people in advertising . . . lawyers . . . and teachers.

The survey didn’t release a bottom five list . . . just the last-place job:  Journalists have the least sex.

The survey also asked people to rate how GOOD they are at getting-it-on . . . and farmers were on top there too.  67% say they’re, quote, “incredible.”  The five jobs where people say they’re the best at getting-it-on are:  Farmers . . . doctors . . . architects . . . construction workers . . . and people in advertising.  Of course, the advertising people could be lying.  There is also a farmer/hoe joke in there somewhere, but I’m too lazy to write it.



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