Take This Quiz To Find Out If You can Be Shreveport’s Next Police Chief

Time is quickly passing, and a new Police Chief has to be named by the end of this month.  The mayor is having some problems with the choices, so we have come up with a quiz to find the right candidate to be Shreveport’s next Chief of Police:

Our next Police Chief should be able to get a 100 on this quiz:

Question 1: How many Gordon Mckernan billboards are located in Shreveport?

Correct Answer: All of them


Question 2:  How do you pronounce Jordan Street?

Correct Answer: No one is really sure.  Just cross your fingers and hope they break into a house on the next street over.


Question 3: Which street is crazier when it comes to traffic: Airline Drive or Youree Drive?

Correct Answer: Yes.


Question 4: True or false.  If the Shreveport Dog Park were in Atlantis, it would still be underwater fewer times in a year than it is now.

Correct Answer: So true, ya’ll.


Question 5: If a train leaves Little Rock at 55 mph and travels southbound, how long will it block all of the traffic in Shreveport?

Correct Answer: Until a little blonde woman rips off her own steering wheel and throws it out her Tahoe.


Question 6: Is crime down in Shreveport?

Correct Answer: Yes.  We are always down for some crime in Shreveport.


Question 7: The motto of the SPD is:

A. Protect and Serve

B. Lift and Separate

C. Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset


Question 8: If there is a fight at Tiger Stadium between an LSU fan and an Alabama fan and you have to break it up, should the Alabama fan be sentenced to Angola for life + 30?

Correct Answer: Nope.  He’s an Alabama fan.  He has suffered enough.


Question 9: Does everybody have the right to remain silent?

Correct Answer: We do.  But a Shreveporter gonna say it anyway.


Question 10: In Shreveport, what does the K in Circle K stand for?

Correct Answer: Khaos.


Question 11: Shreveport is often called “Ratchet City.”  Why?

Correct Answer: Because, much like a mechanic’s ratchet, it has seen a fair amount of nuts in it.


Question 12: Is it illegal to litter, and can you write a person in Shreveport a ticket for littering?

Correct Answer: Yes.  And 5 seconds later we will crumple the ticket and throw it on the ground.  Ugh.  Too on brand.

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