Bossier City is Getting Around the Trains

Over a decade ago, the Benton Road overpass over the Kansas City Southern railroad tracks in Bossier came into our lives and made them sooooooo much easier.  There was a time when we all thought that our last moments would consist of us being caught stopping for hours for a train and our last words would be “Why is it backing up???”  We would then pop a blood vessel.

That overpass solved at least half of the train-related delays in Bossier City that have been on the mind of anyone who drives in that city.  Now, eleven years later, work is being done to complete Phase 1 of the Walter O. Bigby Carriageway, which is said to be the answer to being trapped in front of a train on the Union Pacific train tracks.  It is a $55 million dollar project, and the construction of it started after the groundbreaking four months ago.  Ultimately it will connect the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway heading north, past East Texas Street all the way up to Benton road, where it will intersect with Citizens Bank Drive.




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