KRMD Mike & Melinda 5 Question Quiz Sponsored by The Paper Shack and Party Store in Bossier City


Congratulations to Rebecca Morgan of Sarepta…our most-recent cash winner with Mike & Melinda’s Five Question Quiz.  Make an appointment to listen again Tuesday at 7:20 for five questions about something that has to do with our region and you could win a minimum of $101.00.  We’ll also playback the questions later in the day at 11:20am and 3:20pm in case you missed them earlier.  It’s a fun way to win when you know about our fun place to live…the Mike & Melinda Five Question Quiz…from the Paper Shack and Party Store in Bossier City…and the legendary 101.1 KRMD and…where the soundtrack for the Ark-La-Tex plays here.

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