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Bonnie and Clyde Book of Poetry Up For Auction

You can own a  book of poetry handwritten by Bonnie Parker and a watch belonging to Clyde Barrow!  Yes, two sociopaths!  They are among items formerly belonging to the outlaw Texas couple being offered at an auction. RR Auction will offer the items Saturday in Boston. Parker and Barrow, as we all know, were shot…MORE

Live From Area 51: Tales from the Front

6:55 AM: We are at Area 51! 7:00 AM: There are 75 of us!  We are going to storm Area 51!  They can’t stop us all! 7:05 AM: They can.  They have very large guns.  Ugh.  Two people have been taken into custody.  The rest of us are going to IHOP.  E.T. is going to…MORE

Take This Quiz To Find Out If You can Be Shreveport’s Next Police Chief

Time is quickly passing, and a new Police Chief has to be named by the end of this month.  The mayor is having some problems with the choices, so we have come up with a quiz to find the right candidate to be Shreveport’s next Chief of Police: Our next Police Chief should be able…MORE

Bossier City is Getting Around the Trains

Over a decade ago, the Benton Road overpass over the Kansas City Southern railroad tracks in Bossier came into our lives and made them sooooooo much easier.  There was a time when we all thought that our last moments would consist of us being caught stopping for hours for a train and our last words…MORE

Colin Kaepernick’s Agent: A Short Play of the Day

INT. The office of Colin Kaepernick’s agent CK’s Agent:  Colin… Steelers GM: Nope CK’s Agent: So Colin is in the best shape of his… Jets GM: Nah, bro. CK’s Agent:  Colin would love to be breezy in the Big Easy… Saints GM:  What’s Cajun for “No”? CK’s Agent:  I think “No.” Saints GM:  Then no.…MORE

Elsa and Anna Will Wish You Goodnight For Free

If your kid needs a higher authority to obey when it is time for bed, then Disney can help solve that problem. For the second year in a row, fans can call the toll-free number, 1-877-7-MICKEY, to hear six special goodnight messages from Mickey Mouse, Woody, Jasmine, Anna and Elsa, Yoda, and Spider-Man. Punch in…MORE

Dak Must Be Saved

Dak Prescott is an endangered species.  He belongs to a rare group that is dwindling in numbers and is called Quarterbackus Extinctus.  Drew Brees hurt his hand last week and will require surgery.  Out six games.  Big Ben is out for the season in Pittsburgh, and managed to hurt the elbow of the arm he…MORE

Become a Hunter for the Hungry

The hunting season is in full swing, and that means hunters will once again gather an assortment of wild game that is there for the taking.  A unique concept called Hunters for the Hungry has become a wonderful thing for area hunters to assist the less fortunate who may not get enough food. It’s happening…MORE

How Long is Drew Brees Out???

Drew Brees will be going in for surgery for his hand, and the prognosis is he will be out of commission for at least six weeks of this season.  He injured the thumb of his throwing hand in the Saints’ last game against the Rams when it hit an opposing player’s helmet after completing his…MORE

Largest Printer of Traffic Tickets Here in Shreveport, And Hiring

Normally getting traffic tickets is a bad thing.  But not this time, and not for the Shreveport area. Shreveport’s Southland Printing has acquired its largest competitor in the business of manufacturing and printing traffic tickets, and they will be expanding their workforce locally immediately.  They have purchased Digital Printing Systems in Azusa, California and are…MORE

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